Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pet Portraits for Mothers Day

Want a unique gift for a pet loving mother? Check out above examples of photocollages, pet portraits that include room scenes featuring pets on chairs/couches underneath framed family portraits. All you have to do is send me photos to include. And then you decorate. You select the color scheme, type of chair, etc. I'll include lots of fabulous details and embellishments like Simba's collar (2nd image above).

You can also put a pet on a chair underneath the Mona Lisa or any favorite painting or portrait of a beloved author, actor, artist.......whatever you want, I will do and your mother will love!!

Another idea - your mother's pet in a setting of your choice.

All photo elements are handcut and pasted, creating texture. Collages can be placed in shadow boxes or frames that allow their dimensionality to show....a pet diorama.

For more information, contact me at for details.


  1. Those are hilarious!

    stopping by from Etsy Blog Team

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.