Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm web adopting a cat!

I have signed up to become a buddy for a homeless cat through the Red Door Shelter in Chicago. This wonderful animal rescue organization offers a program where one can donate money to support a cat, dog, bunny, bird, duck or whatever animal may be in the shelter at the moment. I did it in honor of my nephew's birthday and because I am yearning for a cat but can't have one because of my allergies.

Can't believe how excited I am to meet my buddy - even if it's only online! I suppose I could go visit him/her and take photos.....hmmmmmm.

I'll keep you posted.

Here's the link to the buddy program. I love this program.

And here is a big photo of my beloved Persian, Roscoe, so you can see him in all his glory. He died last summer. Even though I had to take pills and use an inhaler when I had him, it was well worth it! Would I do that to myself again? Nope. Which is why I'm on a hypoallergenic cat hunt. I may have to settle for a dog eventually - a hypoallergenic one since my husband is allergic to dogs! Why do i think that the hypoallergenic cat is likely a myth but believe that there are hypoallergenic dogs (among them Shih Tzus, Poodles & Portuguese Water Dogs?? Does anybody know the truth about this?

Anyway, heeeeee's Roscoe:


  1. That's soooo awesome !
    Cant wait to meet your buddy too :)

  2. what a great program, and what a sweet cat!

    cat allergies come from a protein made in the cat's saliva and skin (not the fur.) When the cat sheds, those skin cells are spread around. they say that for some reason, light colored female cats often produce less allergenic secretions than other cats, and i've heard the following breeds are best: siberian, russian blue, balinese, & oriental short hair. hope that helps :)

  3. what a terrific idea! congratulations!

  4. That sounds amazing, my bf is allergic so I am saving this link for future reference, congrats!

    via etsy blog team