Saturday, August 18, 2012

Animal soap

Just discovered this really kool felted soap that I want to share which includes some fantastic animal art. Check out
Felted Soap Blue and Beige with Camel (White Tea and Ginger)
Felted Soap with White Deer ( Men Soap) Felted Soap yellow Heart with Jumping Bunny  (Oatmeal Milk and Honey )

"SoFino Handfelted Soaps combine high quality soaps with exfoliating soft merino wool; last longer than regular bars of soap; and leave you with a reusable multipurpose pouch."
Custom orders are welcome.  Among the 30+ available scents are:  chocolate expresso, lemon verbena,  apricot freesia, spellbound woods, and love spell.  Nice!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dogs I met this summer

 I just returned from two weeks in Los Angeles.  Lots of beauty to photograph.  Lots of cute dogs, especially at Bark n' Bitches, an amazing pet boutique that  rescues dogs from shelters and finds them homes.  Which means that lots of dogs are running around the store.  They greet you and sit on your lap and give you a little kiss.  Great place for some pet portraits. You can read more about them at

Here's a dog I saw hanging out at a Venice Beach bistro.

I saw these dogs recently at a park in Chicago.



Here's Gonzalo who so kindly shared his house with me on my trip to California.