Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pet Portraits for Mothers Day

Want a unique gift for a pet loving mother? Check out above examples of photocollages, pet portraits that include room scenes featuring pets on chairs/couches underneath framed family portraits. All you have to do is send me photos to include. And then you decorate. You select the color scheme, type of chair, etc. I'll include lots of fabulous details and embellishments like Simba's collar (2nd image above).

You can also put a pet on a chair underneath the Mona Lisa or any favorite painting or portrait of a beloved author, actor, artist.......whatever you want, I will do and your mother will love!!

Another idea - your mother's pet in a setting of your choice.

All photo elements are handcut and pasted, creating texture. Collages can be placed in shadow boxes or frames that allow their dimensionality to show....a pet diorama.

For more information, contact me at for details.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mothers Day gift for mothers who love dogs and dogs who are mothers

I love these dog shaped dog treats. The cookies above can be made to order in the following flavors: peanut, chicken, parmesian, apple banana cinnamon, and liver. Other cookie breeds are also available at the Buckaroo Bones online store:

Buckaroo Bones is a bakery where you can find all natural gourmet dog treats. All items are baked, packaged, and shipped personally by Ms. Buckaroo Bones who lives in Grants Pass, OR.

They are baked from scratch. No shortcuts are taken by using commercially prepared broths, boullion cubes, canned or dehydrated meats, etc. Ingredients are first quality, absolutely fresh, and safe for dogs.

If you know a mother who's a dog lover or a dog who's a mother, these would make a unique Mothers Day gift for both. Just be sure to specify that the treats are for dogs only!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Kiwi and Waffles

So, I applied to be an online buddy through a program at the Red Door Shelter, a Chicago animal rescue organization. How adorable are my two duckling buddies!!! I am happy to be helping them out.

Check out the shelter's buddy program:

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm web adopting a cat!

I have signed up to become a buddy for a homeless cat through the Red Door Shelter in Chicago. This wonderful animal rescue organization offers a program where one can donate money to support a cat, dog, bunny, bird, duck or whatever animal may be in the shelter at the moment. I did it in honor of my nephew's birthday and because I am yearning for a cat but can't have one because of my allergies.

Can't believe how excited I am to meet my buddy - even if it's only online! I suppose I could go visit him/her and take photos.....hmmmmmm.

I'll keep you posted.

Here's the link to the buddy program. I love this program.

And here is a big photo of my beloved Persian, Roscoe, so you can see him in all his glory. He died last summer. Even though I had to take pills and use an inhaler when I had him, it was well worth it! Would I do that to myself again? Nope. Which is why I'm on a hypoallergenic cat hunt. I may have to settle for a dog eventually - a hypoallergenic one since my husband is allergic to dogs! Why do i think that the hypoallergenic cat is likely a myth but believe that there are hypoallergenic dogs (among them Shih Tzus, Poodles & Portuguese Water Dogs?? Does anybody know the truth about this?

Anyway, heeeeee's Roscoe:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cat Show Photos

I went to a fantastic cat show last weekend and photographed some absolutely gorgeous creatures. As I am on the lookout for a new cat, a hypoallergenic one, I wanted to meet a Siberian. They are reputed to have saliva that is less allergenic than other cats. I spoke to a breeder at the show who said this is indeed the case and that she sends her cats' saliva to the University of California Davis for analysis. Then there's the Cornish Rex cats which some allergic people supposedly aren't as allergic to. Other breeders at the show said, "There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat!!!!!" Who do I believe? Anyway, Siberians are typically $900.00!!!!!!

If I wasn't allergic, I would 1) go a shelter and rescue a whole bunch of cats and 2) get a British Shorthair. They have the sweetest looking faces. And their faces are round which I love.

Here are some of the cats I met at the Lincoln Club Cat Show in Palatine, IL.

Introducing the big, beautiful, brassy Siberian with the magic saliva:

British Shorthair


Cornish Rex

Persian kittens

Persian adult

Balinese? Himalayan?