Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cat Show Photos

I went to a fantastic cat show last weekend and photographed some absolutely gorgeous creatures. As I am on the lookout for a new cat, a hypoallergenic one, I wanted to meet a Siberian. They are reputed to have saliva that is less allergenic than other cats. I spoke to a breeder at the show who said this is indeed the case and that she sends her cats' saliva to the University of California Davis for analysis. Then there's the Cornish Rex cats which some allergic people supposedly aren't as allergic to. Other breeders at the show said, "There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat!!!!!" Who do I believe? Anyway, Siberians are typically $900.00!!!!!!

If I wasn't allergic, I would 1) go a shelter and rescue a whole bunch of cats and 2) get a British Shorthair. They have the sweetest looking faces. And their faces are round which I love.

Here are some of the cats I met at the Lincoln Club Cat Show in Palatine, IL.

Introducing the big, beautiful, brassy Siberian with the magic saliva:

British Shorthair


Cornish Rex

Persian kittens

Persian adult

Balinese? Himalayan?



  1. Love all these kitty photos! Very cool!

  2. Great shots! My mom's allergic, so I am expressly forbidden from having a kitty despite my husband being a cat person. So I live vicariously through those who do ;)

  3. I want that Siberian. THAT one. What a cutie!

  4. I love them all, especially the Himalayan kitten giving good love to her keeper!

  5. Those Siberian and Birman are lovely, aren't they ?
    I simply cannot imagine paying $900 for a cat tho... actually i can't imagine buying a cat at all... they just show up in my world. lol
    THANKS for the invite to see these fine specimens !
    and good luck :)

  6. Awww, the 1st and second are the best because they look so fluffy and soft!!

  7. What beautiful kitties! Too bad I couldn't have spent $900 on a cat instead of a car a few months ago - wish they could get me to work! What a fun day you must have had meeting all these lovelies!

  8. Thank you, I enjoyed your photos so much! My stray cat ended up costing us $1,000 after his emergency surgery. The vet said one of our neighbors must have shot his chest with a BB gun. He's indoors-only now!

    I posted about having a cat for a boss. You might enjoy taking a peek.

  9. i just made a change in my text above - there is no way that if i were not allergic i would spend lots of money buying a cat!!! there are way too many shelter cats that need homes and i would want to rescue them all.

  10. Oh my goodness.... Those first 2 are absolutely GORGEOUS! I think I want to add to my family...Would 4 be TOO MANY?? My Husband thinks 3 is! LOL LOL LOL ~



  11. The two breeds unidentifyed are a Birman (Himi's have a much more profuse coat and Balinese do not have white paws); the last one is an Oriental.

    I used to breed and show cats many, many, many years ago and before many of these breeds were even heard of. I adore a cat show but have not been to one in years.

    I will say that the initial cash outlay for a pet is probably the least amount you will spend in the pet's lifetime and, while rescue is a noble thing to do, and I promote adoption heavily, please don't be ashamed to purchase a well bred pet. Good, honest breeders who truly care about the improvement of their breed and the lifetime wellbeing of the animals they produce are not the problem with pet overpopulation - owners who are not responsible are the problem.

    I have bred and shown dogs and cats and I have worked heavily in dog and cat rescue both for other rescue agencies and my own private rescue. Sadly, my current state of health precludes continued animal rescue efforts.

    Exceptionally beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.