Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mothers Day gift for mothers who love dogs and dogs who are mothers

I love these dog shaped dog treats. The cookies above can be made to order in the following flavors: peanut, chicken, parmesian, apple banana cinnamon, and liver. Other cookie breeds are also available at the Buckaroo Bones online store:


Buckaroo Bones is a bakery where you can find all natural gourmet dog treats. All items are baked, packaged, and shipped personally by Ms. Buckaroo Bones who lives in Grants Pass, OR.

They are baked from scratch. No shortcuts are taken by using commercially prepared broths, boullion cubes, canned or dehydrated meats, etc. Ingredients are first quality, absolutely fresh, and safe for dogs.

If you know a mother who's a dog lover or a dog who's a mother, these would make a unique Mothers Day gift for both. Just be sure to specify that the treats are for dogs only!

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