Monday, July 1, 2013

Wish Forest

Today is the kind of summer day that we in Chicago always wish for.  Speaking of wishes, I wish you to know about some beautiful animal art made by Amalia K. Her ETSY store is "The Wish Forest".  What a fabulous name.  Amalia told me the story behind the name.  "As a child, I used to pretend to live in a forest with nobody else but my lovely animal friends.  I would imagine that the forest had magical powers to grant any wish I had.  So "The Wish Forest" came to me when I named my shop.  I guess deep down inside I'm still just a little child."

Amalia lives in the Highlands of Indonesia.  Here's what she says about that. "I live up in the mountain area of West Java, quite a lovely place in the city of Bandung.  I'm surrounded by nature and live an hour away from a legendary mountain crater called Tangkuban Perahu, which in my language also means "upside down boat".  I love how I can see it from my window."

Here are some of Amalia's one of a kind original works. You can find more at:     Check out Amalia's blog at

Girl's Room Decor, Nursery Art, Digital Print of Original Illustration - Sitting Pretty by Amalia K.

 Print of Original Pencil Drawing, Girl Illustration, Woodland Fantasy - Close to My Heart by Amalia K

 Cute Fish Balloons Whimsical Illustration, Repsroduction Digital Print, Children Nursery Art - Fish Balloons by Amalia K 8x10 inches

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Custom Cat Collage

Here's my latest custom cat collage.  The buyer sent me her sister's photo.  I inserted her face and used a napkin to make red hair.

Here's the link for more details: