Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've just discovered likeabirdblog and have decided to participate in May Photo-a-Day or in my case Mid-May Photo-a-Day. Check out this link for info:

Here's my first - May 12 - surroundings - a squirrel on my balcony screen door.  He just wants to say hello and get a peanut.

Here's the daily challenge list:

May Photo A Day from"

Buddhas birthday

South Korea

See a fantastic slide show on people celebrating Buddha's birthday around the world when you go to the link above.

Here are some of my collages featuring Buddhas with cats and dogs. I like the idea of animals and Buddhas together.   It's comforting.  I like to think that "over the rainbow bridge" there are tons of Buddhas sitting around with the beloved animals we've lost.  Sounds like nirvana to me. 

good karma cat collage buddha custom blue fantasy pet portrait home decor custom shabby chic tagt team art

   good karma pug collage buddha dog custom black


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Animal Takeover

ANIMAL TAKEOVER!!!!  I love it!  Seen in the Wynwood Arts District.

Here's a link where you can find out about the street artist behind the art.

"His Tumblr page  explains the basis for his universe. A place where animals look down on our pathetic human lives as they plot the reclaiming of what is rightfully theirs.
They do not destroy anything – unlike us. They just want their shit back. They really want the humans to chill the hell out. In large cities they would actually like to hang in their bars."
I like this guy.