Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hypoallergenic cats? Do they exist?

"No! There are no hypoallergenic cat breeds."  This according at

However, from the same article:
  • Male cats produce more allergen than female cats and neutered males produce less than non-neutered males (but not always).
  • A study of 321 patients with allergies showed that dark-coloured cats where 4 times more likely to cause more sneezing, wheezing and overall allergy-symptom than light-coloured cats did.


Why can some people allergic to cats, tolerate rex cats?

There is no simple answer to this question at this time, and more research is required to get the answers needed. One possible hypothesis is that as rex cats have less hair to shed, they simply deposit less allergen-laced hair around the home. But, whatever the reasons some allergic people seem to tolerate them. From personal studies and observations by Margaret Lawrence in the UK, she found that around 10% of people allergic to cats tolerate rex cats. Please, before you race out and look for a rex cat, remember you should always test your allergies by visiting home or catteries that only own rex cats, and test continuously over several weeks or months. As you don't want the poor little kitten to be re-homed if you find out you are allergic to him or her. Don't let your new cat become another statistic at a shelter.

There are claims that these cats are hypoallergenic but I haven't been able to find any solid research.  Anybody else?

According to the above, looks like the best bet for an allergic person who just has to have a cat is to get a white female Rex.

The following photos of a Cornish Rex, a Devon Rex and a Siberian are from


  1. I have a cat (a dark long haired tabby) and I have tested positive for cat allergy. I find if I wipe her down with a wet washcloth once a week (must feel like a giant tongue to her because she likes it!) and keep the house really dust free, I'm okay. I have removable couch covers that I can wash and laminate flooring and am addicted to my swiffer duster. I couldn't give her up for the world!

  2. I took lots of medications and used an inhaler all the years I had my cat. No way was I going to get rid of him. I always thought- how is it possible to be allergic to something I love so dearly? Since he's been gone these few months, I do feel better already allergy-wise becuz we have wood floors and leather couches so I guess not much of him remains. Good and bad!

  3. I am so thankful I have no allergies to anything. I really don't know what I would do as an animal lover. This is interesting, though, and definitely something to look into for those who do suffer!