Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you love cats? I love cats.

Here's the latest in my "I love" series.  I can custom make a pet portrait like this with an image of your cat and you  (or any other favorite pet or animal).   Just send me photographs.

Check out the details on my ETSY site at :  http://www.etsy.com/listing/81507897/cat-collage-girl-leopard-green-kitten

I love cats.  I grew up with dogs but the very first pet of my own was a cat named Roscoe who inspired my artwork. He's been gone for a few months. Don't know if I will ever have a cat again as I am allergic and my nose and lungs will thank me after all those years with Roscoe (15+ of them).  It's sad to think I may never share my home with a cat again.  Maybe a dog next time.


  1. Wow. If only cats could be that size ! lol.
    The only thing is that the fur balls would also get bigger. rotfl.
    LOVE your work, Nancy :)

  2. LOVE CATS! I had a great photo of my cat with a pair of earrings as my Etsy avi for a long time, but then thought I might get better sales if it was just the jewelry! LOL! The cat is still annoyed. . . .