Saturday, August 18, 2012

Animal soap

Just discovered this really kool felted soap that I want to share which includes some fantastic animal art. Check out
Felted Soap Blue and Beige with Camel (White Tea and Ginger)
Felted Soap with White Deer ( Men Soap) Felted Soap yellow Heart with Jumping Bunny  (Oatmeal Milk and Honey )

"SoFino Handfelted Soaps combine high quality soaps with exfoliating soft merino wool; last longer than regular bars of soap; and leave you with a reusable multipurpose pouch."
Custom orders are welcome.  Among the 30+ available scents are:  chocolate expresso, lemon verbena,  apricot freesia, spellbound woods, and love spell.  Nice!!!!

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  1. The idea about soap of the animal is well. Small kids always love such kind of soap while bathing and enjoy for their entertainment.

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