Sunday, April 22, 2012

Florida Animals Scene

I just took a fantastic trip to Southern Florida where I met lots of pets and saw lots of animals, both real and imagined - meaning I saw some great animal art which I'll be sharing with you. I'm going to do a travelogue featuring animals seen on my vacation while throwing in info on kool places I went and people I met.

For starters, a crow woke me up every morning. He was right there on the balcony. Tbere are lots of crows in South Florida and they are really noisy. "Their voice is not the melodic trill of most songbirds but variations of a coarse, loud cawwww. Crows have an extensive repertoire and can communicate a surprising number of messages to fellow crows including alarm, feeding, rally, comeback and fight calls. They also have a series of courtship calls. The crow is probably the most intelligent bird on this continent." (

The weather was perfect every single day. So were the palm trees and the pie.

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