Sunday, January 15, 2012


Win a pet collage for a pet lover! Here's what you do:

1) become a follower of my blog

2) give me a great idea about where and how to market my artwork - specific pet or other blogs you may know of, pet people with clout and the best way to reach them, boutiques/stores etc etc.

You can choose one of the 5x7" portraits from below and customize by doing the following:

1) send me a photo of a pet for the chair and a person for the framed portrait above the chair (or I can put the Mona Lisa in)

2) tell me a breed of animal that you would like in the chair and i'll put it there with either a custom portrait or the Mona Lisa on the wall.



  1. Hey Nancy,

    I have a dog blog and would be happy to add a link to your site on my blog. Have you tried etsy? I have heard that there are dog and cat networks that you can link up with on etsy.

    I still like to order one of your collages with my five year old daughter and our dog.


  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for your note telling me about your blog! I just signed up as a follower before doing this post.

    I am so glad you are a part of ArtFire now for selling your amazing collages. Joining one of the guilds in ArtFire, like Crafting for Animals, is a great way to network and promote. There are some other good online sites for free promotion too such as

    Even if you did not want to join the guild, you could submit a post for the CFA Guild blog once a month or whenever you wanted to. Guest writers are needed all the time. Just send your article to the guild master (El) or to me, and we will get it scheduled for you in the blog. It's a great way to get some exposure and promotion for your shop and artwork!


  3. Hi Nancy,
    This is a great idea for all pet lovers! I would maybe see if some of the local vet clinics, or Animal Shelters would let you leave your business card or put up a flyer. Also you might want to see if your local Animal Shelter or Humane Society might want to partner with you. You provide the photo prints with a certain percentage of the costs being donated to your local Shelter.

    Good Luck in your business!
    Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag of Bags By Hags

  4. what a great giveaway!

    maybe offer your custom pet art as a prize for a large fundraising auction. it's a good way to get more exposure with people who have money :) if you have any animal shelters in your area who do fundraising auctions, they'd be the first ones to look into. here in southern California, we have lots of animal rescue group events in November/December, which is GREAT timing because of potential holiday sales.

  5. I love your work.

    Animal Hospitals, Twitter, Facebook, Local grooming places, dog walkers, place where you leave your pets to stay while on vacation are great place to show your work.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.


    I've added a link from my fb page to your etsy shop

  6. Mr. Pip makes a good point about getting more involved with the Etsy teams. Also trading blog features with other bloggers, not just pet lovers though.
    Contact me at if you'd like me to do a reciprocal feature on your work.

  7. sorry for not announcing the winners on time - i did initially select debra and puppyloveprincess and have contacted them - however, i have decided that everybody who responded will get a collage for taking the time to try and help me out!!!! so, let me know what you want and i'll get to work - all i ask is that in the future, you think of me when you want a unique pet lovers gift for a birthday, anniversary, MOTHERS DAY, etc etc - thanks to all of you for your ideas!

  8. Ohh..Thank you :) .. Yes, of course :)

  9. thanks again, i can't wait to see my little senior kitty immortalized in collage art!

  10. oh! i forgot to say, when the collage arrives, i'd be happy to photograph it and post it on my blog with links and things as a shop feature (this might generate a few new customers?) and if you ever want to partner for a giveaway on my blog, just lemmie know ;)

    thanks again (again)