Friday, November 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!!! custom cat collage

Want to win a unique holiday gift for a cat lover?

I'm trying to get discovered! Can you help with a tip or two? I'm giving away a custom cat collage for the best marketing and promotion idea. I want to get my collages into popular magazines, blogs, stores etc.

It's been suggested that I make custom collages for Martha and Oprah, both major pet people. According to Wikipedia, Martha has Chow Chow dogs, French Bulldogs, Himalayan cats, and Friesian horses. I believe that Oprah has two cocker spaniels.

Anyway, is that a good idea? Someone? You can see my online store at

Please send along any thoughts you have and win a collage similar to the ones below. You can pick from among the three or mail me a photo of an actual pet (belonging to you, friend, family member), pick a background, and I'll put him/her on the chair with Mona Lisa on the wall behind. The collage will be 4x6" placed in a 5x7" thin black frame ready for hanging.

Deadline: December 10.

Thanks so much for any contributions!


  1. Good luck with your giveaway and may you get discovered !

  2. I think that's a great idea - to make collages for Martha and Oprah! You can also submit samples of your work to Somerset Studios magazines published by Stampington and Co. Your work is defintely discovery-worthy and we hope that happens for you!

  3. I'm not sure who you want be discovered by, but I think you should place these in all the local shelters, vet offices, groomers etc. as locals may want to buy from another local. Then word of mouth will travel!

  4. I think the above comments are good ideas :) I make most of my sales are from word of mouth also. I like the idea of putting them in vet offices, groomers and and shelters -- you'll find many animal lovers there! I also like the idea of making one for a 'famous' person. I wondered if you have a favorite local news anchor? Could you make them one and perhaps make the local news? Another good idea is to join an etsy team, so you've done that already :) We are glad to have you!

  5. Great ideas. See if you can set up a display of your work at the local library. The ones near me often feature local artists. Good luck!

  6. congrats to makingstuffwithlove. you have won a collage. i like your idea about finding a local pet person in the news who can possibly help me out.

    thank you all for your comments!!