Monday, October 3, 2011

The happiest place on earth.

I participated in Chicago's Ravenswood Art Walk this past weekend and was placed in the "Urban Pooch" to show my collages. This "canine life center" is a 7,100 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility designed to support canine health and wellness. It's an amazing place where everybody smiles and laughs and wags their tails a lot. In fact, I overheard one very satisfied customer say, "This is the happiest place on earth!."

in addition to our dog beaches, we Chicagoans are lucky to have an amazing array of places that care for and cater to animals. Like Urban Pooch. This facility offers lots of products and services, including boarding, grooming, etc. They have a chill lounge, "a special place with a serene atmosphere where dogs can socialize, but also relax. Perfect for elderly canines, those recovering from surgery, or dogs that need a little quiet time." I think I might like it there.

They offer massage, promising that afterwards, "your pooch will feel like a puppy." The ancient Japanese technique of Reiki is available too, helping to instill deep relaxation and healing. I really want to check in and feel like a puppy too.

While there, I was allowed the special privilege of going into the day care room where I was immediately surrounded by a pack of 40 or so dogs. I was warned that they would jump and drool. They were all curious and friendly and adorable and well-behaved. When I told them not to jump, they didn't. Suffice it to say, I loved it there. In particular, I met a huge, gorgeous, sweet Great Dane - what a magnificent specimen!!

Here are some photos I took.

The last image is that of an Urban Pooch employee. Does she look happy or what?

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  1. Wonderful! Look at all these gorgeous faces. You are indeed blessed to be a part of this. My son just moved from that area but I know right where it is as I have visited many times.